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Life is full of taking exams and tests. Some are routine and some are important. Then there are very important and now WAIGA is something which can be called as a MUST. If we take, we gain for sure, if don’t, we could loose. We loose not on a subject, a year of education, a diploma or a degree but what we could loose is a life time of success.

We spend more than 60% of our daily time at work place or job related activities. If we are spending that time on doing something which does not give us satisfaction, what do we get out of life?

When there are options to choose from, it does not matter which road we take, what matters most is which road we have left. What actually was there which we have left? When choosing a career, take a Well Informed Decision. After all it’s about your success in life, the one and only life.

Mostly our career choices are based upon seeing people around us who are well established and earned big name, fame and wealth. We want to become like them and start pursuing career similar to one of them without realizing about our interests, aptitude and personality. “THAT’S WHERE THE TRAP IS.” We often realize that it was an illusion which made us choose the career where we are presently in and often it is too late to realize, normally when we have crossed the point of no return. WAIGA test is the most powerful tool to prevent you from repenting such decision. WAIGA test suggests the career options which suit your interests, aptitude and personality and a career chosen from those options will put yourself in a much better state than what you will find yourself without it. After all what’s there to loose? It costs very little, say one meal in a restaurant or a movie with friends or the cost of a prospectus of one of the colleges. But see what’s there for you to GAIN. A career worth multimillions, but most important is a life time of satisfaction drawn out of your career.If you are a graduate and looking for a career in industry. You could be working on one of the many roles but which role is the most suitable for you depends upon your interest in the activities for that specific role, your aptitude to perform the tasks and your personality traits required to be successful in that role. How to find out which role will be suitable for a long term career success? Answer is WAIGA test. It will tell you the best fit.

There might be careers which you like the most and you might have decided to go for it, BUT they may not suit your personality. As the time passes, you start realizing that though you are interested in what you are doing but you are not successful and dissatisfaction starts pouring in. You start getting interested in other careers when you talk to those who you find are very successful in their career. One important thing to understand is that interests keep changing with time but your personality doesn’t change. Now how to find which career to pursue? The answer is WAIGA test, as this test takes care of your interests as well as your personality traits coupled with your aptitude while suggesting you the career choices which fir you the most. If you choose your career wisely, treading the career path becomes a smooth sailing, bringing job satisfaction, happiness and contentment in life. Selecting your career is one of the biggest decisions of one’s life. You are living in an era of information technology and taking a well informed decision is the key to Right Career selection.

Finding the right job is challenging and exciting. Often we ponder that if anybody could help me find a job. Pursuing a right career is very important for a contended life, introducing some tests at the school level can help a person to find a career. Taking these kinds of tests also help a person to understand what is a career? Which career suits one’s personality? Etc. Also theses tests help us to focus on the right career. Taking tests for choosing a right career can be a very rewarding strategy for the rest of one’s life. Every person has some natural talent which is innately specific to us and which if correctly identified and harnessed can make for a satisfying and a successful career. Most young people at the tender age of 15 to 16 are confused and perhaps not clear about what exactly one wish to do. If you take a WAIGA test, you can be completely sure that you can be conclusive about your career. Usually students run pillar to post asking about what career or what job to take but if you take a right test at the right age, your problem is solved in a jiffy. Getting into college is not only the beginning of a new phase in one’s life, it is also the time when majority of students actually start thinking about their careers, jobs and professional life very seriously. This is the time when one starts wondering about career opportunities. Remember, the journey of thousand miles starts with a single step...so take it.... NOW. Happiness cannot happen on an empty stomach. All of us do a right job and get paid to take care of the necessities of life. So choosing that right job is the key. Don’t be impulsive in taking up a career, rather give a serious and sufficient thought to it and take a WAIGA Test to become double sure of your decision. Self actualisation should be the main purpose of persuasion of a particular job. Ever considered that the job you are currently in may not be the right one? WAIGA answers the question are you in the right job?
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